3D Scanning

Dr. Christopher Murphy and his staff use the latest in advanced technology to provide a better patient experience. We are proud to offer digital impressions with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner.

Digital impressions taken with our 3M™ True Definition Scanner can mean shorter appointments, fewer visits, and faster turnaround, so you can begin treatment sooner.

The 3M™ True Definition Scanner:

  • Accurate: Resulting in better fitting appliances
  • Fast: Small, lightweight wand for fast and easy scanning
  • Comfortable: Especially for anyone with a low tolerance for traditional impressions

How Does 3M™ True Definition Work?

  • We simply move the scanner around your mouth, capturing video of all sides of the teeth and gums.
  • You can watch the 3D model of your teeth appear on the monitor in real time. When the scan is complete, we can review, zoom in or out, and rotate the image to get a true picture of your oral anatomy, so you can ask questions and better understand what’s being done.
  • The impression is often sent to a laboratory to produce the appliance or aligner.
  • Once it is complete, Dr. Murphy will review your custom treatment plan with you and insert the appliance or first set of aligners.
  • Digital impressions can mean shorter appointments, fewer visits and faster turnaround, so you can begin treatment sooner.