LightForce Orthodontics

At Southern Maine Orthodontics, we embrace new technology! We recognize that no two smiles are identical and there is an incredible value to creating a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your unique orthodontic needs.

We are proud and excited to have “Lightforce Orthodontics” as one of our treatment options. From tooth scan to production, Lightforce is the first truly digital system for braces!

What is Lightforce Orthodontics?

This revolutionary program uses 3D printing technology for Dr. Murphy and the team to create custom-fitted braces for patients in order to achieve the goals of their treatment plan. They are designed to fit YOUR teeth perfectly.

Lightforce’s brackets and indirect bonding jigs are 3D printed, to ensure the precision of digital case setup and patient-specific bracket design is fully realized in the actual applications that will be placed on the patient’s teeth.

Lightforce Brackets

Unlike traditional braces, which are manufactured with a fixed-base shape, LightForce Orthodontics uses state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to create brackets that are unique to each individual patient.

  • Standard brackets have to compensate for mismatches between the bracket base and the shape of a patient’s tooth. Lightforce brackets can be bonded with a uniform cement layer.
  • LightForce Brackets are designed with patient comfort in mind. The materials and custom base provide the necessary strength to minimize contact with the soft tissues of a patient’s gums and mouth. This prevents irritation, periodontal concerns during treatment, and long-term discomfort.

Lightforce Software

LightForce’s simple and intuitive online interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning. The digital design provides Dr. Murphy with the ability to make precise adjustments directly on the 3D model and visualize the impact on treatment efficacy in real-time.

Additionally, LightForce’s platform allows for the fast delivery of the patient’s custom appliances, with a turnaround time of fewer than two weeks! You can choose to have clear braces or white braces with LightForce. Every tooth will be this color except the very back teeth, so your braces won’t be as noticeable.

Lightforce Orthodontics is changing the face of orthodontics. See how it can change the smile on your face! Contact Southern Maine Orthodontics today.