Your Smile’s Best Friends – Retainers

Congratulations! You’ve bid farewell to braces, and your radiant smile is beaming at everyone and everything in sight. But before you throw a victory parade for your new grin, remember to cherish your retainers to preserve those perfect teeth. Keep reading to learn more on how to protect your retainers from Dr. Christopher Murphy at Southern Maine Orthodontics.


Safeguarding Your Retainers Beyond Your Mouth

Wearing your retainer involves more than just following the prescribed hours; it also means ensuring its safety when it’s not in your mouth. Once you leave your orthodontist’s office, it might feel like the world is conspiring to get its hands on your precious retainers. Your family’s four-legged companion could mistake it for a chew toy, the garbage might attempt to snatch your retainer from a napkin you’ve set aside, younger siblings or children might treat it as a frisbee or experiment by placing it in their mouths, the couch appears to welcome it into its cozy creases, and pockets have a knack for letting them slip away if not securely protected within their case.


Protecting your retainers is paramount, and we’re here to share some valuable tips to ensure the safety of your orthodontic appliances. Our experienced team has heard countless horror stories, so remember: the safest place for your retainers is right where they belong, in your mouth.


When you received your retainer, it came with a case. This case serves as its second home when it’s not in your mouth. After all, you wouldn’t want your retainer to be homeless, right? The case acts as a protective shell, shielding your retainer from damage, dirt, and germs, ensuring they don’t hitch a ride into your mouth. Additionally, its bright color makes it hard to misplace.


Never wrap your retainer in a napkin while eating – this is a recipe for disaster. It’s too easy to mistake a crumpled napkin for trash. 


When cleaning your retainer, remember that it’s made of plastic. Boiling it to sterilize can distort the plastic and require you to get a replacement. Remove your retainers when swimming; many have been lost in oceans, lakes, or pools. Avoid leaving unprotected retainers on counters, couches, end tables, or in cars, where they become easy prey for pets and small children.


Why Retainers Are Worth the Effort

At this point, you might be wondering if retainers are worth all this effort. You’re given retainers to maintain your smile in its final, beautiful position. Braces guide your teeth along a predetermined path with wires, and retainers ensure they stay on that path.

If you’ve lost or damaged your retainers, contact our office immediately to schedule an appointment for replacements. Your lifelong smile depends on it!

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